G13 Style SMT Assembly and End Cap Cover

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 296

G13 Style SMT Assembly and End Cap Cover

TE Connectivity's G13 Style SMT assembly and end cap cover are designed for use on printed circuit board LED strip lighting modules found in the standard T8 and T12 fluorescent retrofit LED tubes.

The integrated assembly enables high-volume manufacturing of fluorescent LED retrofit tubes by allowing a quick SMT electrical connection to the PCB and a standard pin interface to fixture lamp socket (tombstone) connectors.

  • 2-position G13 style SMT assembly
  • End cap cover is designed to interface with G13 style SMT assembly, heat sink and tube; packaged unassembled
  • Surface mount hold down provides stability during tube insertion and extraction
  • 0.5 inch pin centerline per G13 specification
  • High temperature material for reflow processing
  • G13 style SMT assembly is compatible with FR4 and aluminum clad boards; tape and reel packaged for high speed SMT processing

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