C2000 Digital Power Kits

By Texas Instruments 247

C2000 Digital Power Kits

Texas Instruments' Piccolo™-based high voltage digital power developer's kits bring real-time communications and control capabilities to high efficiency, high power design topologies for cost sensitive designs. Coupled with an industry leading software package, the kits represent an out-of-the-box development environment capable of supporting the components and voltage levels that designers encounter when working with these topologies. Each kit includes a dedicated software package pre-loaded for the specific topology supported by the kit, offering a jump-start to the evaluation environment. Also included are graphical tools allowing experimentation without loading a development environment, further reducing start up time.

  • High voltage kits featuring 85-240 VAC inputs for AC/DC topologies and 400 VDC inputs for DC/DC topologies
  • Bridged and bridgeless power factor correction AC/DC architectures
  • Phase shifted full bridge with peak current mode control
  • Resonant LLC with synchronous rectification
  • Piccolo F28027 controlCARD based EVM
  • Onboard isolated JTAG eliminating the need for an external emulator
  • High performance TI analog devices used to complete drive stages
  • GUI quick-start software and controlSUITE software