Thin Film Precision Resistors

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 311

Thin Film Precision Resistors

TE Connectivity AMP's RN73 and CPF series are high stability precision chip resistors offering various power dissipations relating to chip size, TCR's down to 5 ppm/°C and resistance tolerances to 0.1%. The resistor is produced with three sputtered layers providing optimum performance. Values are restricted to the E96 and E24 value grids. Thin film precision resistors have accurate and uniform physical dimensions to facilitate placement.

Precision metal terminations are screen printed onto a ceramic base and fired. The resistive element is sputtered and fired, and then the passivation layer is added. The pre-scribed tile is broken into strips, the end plating is fired on, and the strips are then broken into individual components. Final termination is made by electroplating.

  • TC's of 15 ppm, 25 ppm, and 50 ppm
  • Tolerance down to 0.01%
  • Choice of packages
  • Stable high frequency performance
  • Temperature range: -55°C to +155°C
  • Communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical