8-bit PIC® MCUs

By Microchip Technology 179

8-bit PIC® MCUs

Microchip's 8-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) feature configurable logic and a high level of peripheral integration in 6- to 20-pin packages. The PIC10F(LF)32X and PIC1XF(LF)150X MCUs each feature new peripherals, including configurable logic cells (CLCs), complementary waveform generators (CWGs), and numerically controlled oscillators (NCOs), enabling functionality that was not possible before with low pincount MCUs. These general-purpose MCUs enable designers to enhance the functionality, reduce design size, and decrease the cost and power consumption of products in the appliance (for example small kitchen appliances); automotive (for example interior lighting); consumer (for example power tools); and industrial markets (for example utility meters), among others.

  • eXtreme low power
    • Active currents down to 35 µA / MHz
    • Sleep current as low as 9 nA
    • Battery lifetime ≥ 20 years
    • Peripheral operation down to 1.8 V
    • Flexible power and wake-up modes
  • Integration and migration
    • Pin and code compatibility
    • Over 325 8-bit PIC microcontrollers
    • USB, CAN, and Ethernet peripherals with free supporting software
    • Drive segmented LCD and capacitive touch buttons
    • Configurable logic cell (CLC) configuration tool GUI