A6TR-A6SR Piano Style Dip Switches

By Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div 240

A6TR-A6SR Piano Style Dip Switches

Omron's low-profile piano style dip switches with easy to set switch actuators are offered in either thru hole (A6TR) or surface mount (A6SR) leads. Fully RoHS compliant, these dip switches feature gold-plated twin contacts with a self cleaning wiping action for high reliability. Piano style dip switches boast easy to see switch position and can quickly be changed without the need of tools or pointer devices. Perfect for mode setting for microcontrollers, Servo Motors, PLC, or program controllers and coin changers.


  • Low profile of 5 mm with 2.54 mm terminal pitch
  • Through-hole models available. (See A6TR Family)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Gold-plated twin contacts and slide-type self cleaning mechanisms ensure high reliability