ADIS16488 Inertial Sensor

By Analog Devices Inc 253

ADIS16488 Inertial Sensor

The Analog Devices ADIS16488 iSensor® MEMS IMU is a complete inertial system that includes a triaxis gyroscope, a triaxis accelerometer, triaxis magnetometer and pressure sensor. Each inertial sensor in the ADIS16488 combines industry-leading iMEMS® technology with signal conditioning that optimizes dynamic performance. The factory calibration characterizes each sensor for sensitivity, bias, alignment, and linear acceleration (gyroscope bias). As a result, each sensor has its own dynamic compensation formulas that provide accurate sensor measurements.

The ADIS16488 provides a simple, cost-effective method for integrating accurate, multiaxis inertial sensing into industrial systems, especially when compared with the complexity and investment associated with discrete designs. All necessary motion testing and calibration are part of the production process at the factory, greatly reducing system integration time. Tight orthogonal alignment simplifies inertial frame alignment in navigation systems. The SPI and register structure provide a simple interface for data collection and configuration control.

  • Platform stabilization and control
  • Navigation
  • Personnel tracking
  • Instrument

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