BLF Series UHF/DVB-T Transistors

By Ampleon 226

BLF Series UHF/DVB-T Transistors

Supporting all broadcast amplifier designs in the 470 to 860 MHz band, Ampleon's complete family of transistors delivers up to one octave wideband operation combined with field-proven ruggedness, highest efficiency, and outstanding linearity. All the transistors listed here are built in NXP’s LDMOS process technology and are fully characterized for DVB-T operation. These transistors are excellent for communication transmitters and industrial applications in the UHF band.

For the shortest possible time to market, Ampleon’s design and application support provides all these RF power devices with best-in-class simulation models for large-signal operation, plus loadpull data and other design related documentation. Design engineers can depend on these fully physics-based, electro-thermal models, for the most reliable simulation results. The models are available for ADS and AWR/Microwave Office, and are shipped with all the necessary libraries and documentation.


  • Highest power levels available for DVB-T broadcasting
  • Complete (driver(s) and final(s)) optimally matched line-ups
  • Reduced component count designs
  • Best broadband performance
  • Field proven ruggedness and reliability