L01 Series PC Mount Toroidal Transformers

By Amgis, LLC 211

L01 Series PC Mount Toroidal Transformers

Amgis' PC mount toroidal transformers are designed for applications requiring total output power from 1.6 VA up to 50 VA. These applications include professional audio equipment, computer peripherals, compact linear power supplies, medical equipment, and lighting.

Fully encapsulated within attractive plastic housings, these print transformers offer the advantages of low stray magnetic field, low idling current, greater efficiency, and low audible noise over comparable E-I and U-I transformers. Additionally, their unique case design allows sufficient space to incorporate various other components with the transformer to complete a single homogenous unit. PTC thermistors, fuses, resettable thermal switches, rectifiers, and voltage regulators are common additions to the transformer package.

These transformers are approved to UL5085-1 and VDE 61558-1. The insulation system is also UL approved to Class F, 155°C.

  • Low profile
  • Low magnetic field radiation
  • Acoustic noise virtually eliminated
  • Small size
  • High efficiency
  • Low leakage losses
  • High isolation (4000 VAC primary to secondary)