LISA2-PIN-XP Miniature Lens

By LEDiL 255

LISA2-PIN-XP Miniature Lens

LEDiL's LISA2 series of lenses, measuring less than 10 mm in diameter and less than 7 mm tall, achieve over 90% light transmission efficiency through superior design and superior material.

The TIR lens is engineered to exacting tolerances and molded from high-quality acrylic (PMMA), which offers outstanding transmission efficiency and is virtually impervious to UV radiation. Each lens is mounted in a molded polycarbonate (PC) housing designed for alignment to a specific LED, providing precise location of the lens at the ideal focal point for each qualified brand or style of LED.

  • Lens material optical grade PMMA with high UV and temperature resistance (105°C/220°F)
  • Lens holder molded of high quality black PC (120°C/248°F)
  • High optical efficiency, up to 90%, integrated holder with small position pins
  • Fastening of holder to PCB with appropriate adhesive, epoxy or polyurethane based. NOTE: DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE
  • Very small and compact dimensions: diameter 9.9 mm, height 6.8 mm

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