PV Series Photovoltaic Fuses

By Eaton-Bussmann Electrical Division 229

PV Series Photovoltaic Fuses

The demand for alternative energy has led to another innovation from Eaton, the industry leader in circuit protection. Developing sophisticated solar panel systems have accelerated the demand for high performance fuses. The short-circuit conditions associated with solar panels do not allow for sufficient current to open a standard fuse in a way that effectively isolates faulted photovoltaic (PV) strings. The new Eaton PV Fuse line provides a full range of protection that traditional fuses cannot.

  • Low Level Fault Protection - PV Fuses are full range fuses and can clear faults as low as 1.3 x I(fuse rating) at 1000 VDC. They are designed specifically for thin film cell and 4", 5", and 6" crystalline silicon cell based panels.
  • Superior Cycling Withstand - PV Fuses are tested to withstand cycling conditions associated with solar panel system operation and environmental influences.
  • 1000 VDC Capacity - PV Fuses are designed with a maximum 1000 VDC operating voltage based on typical solar panel systems with L/R of 1 mS and below.
  • Globally Accepted 10x38 mm Dimension - All PV Fuse amp ratings are available with standard ferrule, bolt, and versatile PCB mount options.