SP3A Series Resistors

By Stackpole Electronics, Inc. 286

SP3A Series Resistors

Stackpole's SP3A series of wirewound resistors are designed to handle surges and fuse without flame, spark, or excessive heat. The SP3A employs a unique alloy chosen for maximum surge handling while still allowing the part to fail safely. Stackpole's part design and manufacturing process create a surge handling characteristic that is reliable and repeatable. The SP3A is then finished with proprietary materials and processing to enhance the fusing action under continuous overloads. The end result is a robust surge handling resistor with a stable and predictable fusing characteristic so that the part fails quickly, safely, and without generating significant heat.

This type of component is ideal for protection of monitors, TVs, and displays. In addition, it is well suited for small motor protection in appliances; rear door lifts, sliding doors, and power seats in consumer and commercial vehicles; and power tools. This component is also a good choice for HVAC monitoring and control systems, safety and security systems, and other commercial and industrial power and control applications.

  • Robust welded resistance element for high surge withstanding
  • Element design and processing yields predictable and reliable surge handling
  • Proprietary finishing materials and design provide fast fusing without generating excessive heat
  • High temperature proprietary coating
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