WE-CMBH Low Profile Common Mode Line Filters

By Würth Elektronik 194

WE-CMBH Low Profile Common Mode Line Filters

Wurth Electronics has released an industry best common mode choke in terms of low profile (max. 22 mm) in combination with high current capability and EMI noise suppression.

The WE-CMBH series can be used for filter common mode noise in AC/DC, as well as high power DC/DC, power supplies. In addition, the CMBH series is equipped with a rugged mechanical stability due to no solder or glue connections of the core or leads to the plastic base. The available inductance values range from 1.0 mH to 7.0 mH, with current handling capabilities of up to 10 A.

  • Horizontal design for compact housings
  • Suppression even at low frequency ranges
  • Broadband screening because of low capacitance winding technique
  • Highest possible current with small sizes
  • Power electronics
  • Power line in- and output filter
  • Radio interference suppression in motors
  • Suppression for common mode noise