Rolling Ball Tilt Switch

By C&K 236

Rolling Ball Tilt Switch

C&K has developed a rolling ball tilt switch series that features a funnel-shape design for high accuracy and 360° detection. The RB-231 rolling ball tilt switch is specially designed for safety control.

The RB-231 Rolling Ball Tilt Switch features a compact, shielded design that provides an angle of detection at 10°. The conductive ball is movable inside the tube to generate the signal and contact. This switch provides an operating life of 100,000 cycles.

C&K's Rolling Ball Tilt Switch Series is ideal for movement detection, safety devices, white goods and consumer electronic applications including irons, portable heaters, games, toys and handheld devices.

The highly reliable rolling ball tilt switch provides an economical option for price-competitive applications that require high performance, quality and a long operational life.

  • Compact shielded design
  • 10° angle of detection
  • Movable conductive ball inside tube to generate signal and control
  • Movement detection
  • White goods
  • Handheld devices
  • Consumer electronics including irons, portable heaters, games, toys

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