AM335x Starter Kit

By Texas Instruments 236

AM335x Starter Kit

Texas Instruments' AM335x Starter Kit includes a 4.3-inch LCD display to provide a stable and affordable platform for smart appliance, industrial, and networking applications. It is a low-cost development platform based on the ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor that is integrated with multiple communication options such as Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity.

At speeds up to 720 MHZ, the AM335x Starter Kit accelerates designs with a stable, ready-for-production hardware and software platform. This "best value" board offers the ability to quickly evaluate the features of the processor and accompanying TI components, taking the guess work out of hardware design. This allows experienced and novice designers alike to focus on product differentiation such as advanced graphics and connectivity. With more focused differentiators, developers can create thermostats, security panels, wireless hard disk drives and portable hot spots at reduced cost while accelerating time to market.

What's Included
  • Hardware:
    • AM3358, 720 Mhz
    • 256MB DDR3
    • 4.3” touch screen LCD
  • Peripherals:
    • USB, USB-UART, USB-XDS100 emulator
    • Android navigation buttons
    • User configured LEDs
    • Audio out
  • Connectivity:
    • Dual, Gigabit Ethernet ports with integrated switch
    • Wi-Fi WL1271 with Wi-Fi Direct Support
    • Bluetooth®
  • Software:
    • Linux EZSDK
    • Android