LT®3504 Quad Switching Regulator

By Analog Devices Inc 210

LT®3504 Quad Switching Regulator

Linear Technology's LT3504 consists of four 1 A, output-current buck regulators. The LT3504 has a wide operating input range of 3.2 V to 40 V. An on-chip boost regulator allows each channel to operate up to 100% duty cycle and eliminates the need for four external charge pump circuits. The LT3504 is designed to minimize external component count, resulting in a small, simple application circuit.

The LT3504 operates robustly in fault conditions. Cycle-by-cycle peak current limit and catch diode current-limit sensing protect the part during overload conditions. Thermal shutdown protects the power switches at elevated temperatures. Soft-start helps keep the peak inductor current under control during startup.

The LT3504 also features output voltage tracking and sequencing, programmable frequency, programmable undervoltage lockout, and a power good pin to indicate when all outputs are in regulation.

Features Applications
  • Wide input range: 3.2 V to 40 V
  • Four 1 A outputs
  • 100% duty cycle operation
  • Resistor-programmed constant frequency
  • Automotive battery regulation
  • Industrial control supplies
  • Wall transformer regulation
  • Distributed supply regulation