UTL Series Connectors


UTL Series Connectors

Souriau’s UTL connector series is an innovative and compact solution, allowing power and signal delivery in one connector.  The UTL series was designed and qualified according to the UL and IEC standards and takes into account requirements, such as 5VA flammability rating, hot wire, and current breaking capacity, to meet all standards for industrial equipment.  The UTL series is rated at IP68/69K, even in harsh conditions, meaning that the connectors remain sealed even when used continuously underwater or cleaned using a high-pressure hose.  The UTL series uses an outdoor-rated material, classified as "F1", to protect the connectors from extreme climatic conditions and UV rays.  The UTL series connectors are easy to use and implement with a push-and-press, stainless-steel thumb latch coupling system which are joined with an audible and sensitive "click" with the use of only one finger.  Along with the audible "click", the UTL series' key-hole shaped design allows for easy and secure mating, even in blind conditions.

  • UTL Series Catalog
  • UTL 8 Position
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Water-proof: IP68/69K dynamic mated and unmated
    • IP68/69K dynamic mated and unmated features make the UTL series ideal for outdoor and indoor dynamic applications requiring continuous underwater immersion, routine pressure washing, and dust protection
  • UL/IEC compliant
    • Qualified and certified, UL file: E169916 and VDE: 4282400
  • Cost savings: mixed power and signal layouts
    • Power supply and signal transmission can be combined in a unique interconnect solution to reduce system complexity and minimize component/installation costs
  • UV resistant: no degradation and long outdoor life
    • No mechanical degradation or important color variation due to environmental exposure (F1 material per the UL 746C)
  • Quick release: sensitive and audible click
    • Unique "keyhole" shape of the connector allows users to mate and unmate in blind conditions with an audible click confirming connection
    • Easy-to-use, thumb-latch design reduces labor and time during installations
  • Stage and lighting
  • Energy: power
  • Building automation and control
  • Telecom: data infrastructure
  • Medical
  • Instrumentation and measurement