IRMCF371 Mixed-Signal Control IC

By Infineon Technologies 262

IRMCF371 Mixed-Signal Control IC

International Rectifier's IRMCF371 mixed-signal control IC for pumps integrates all the control and analog interface functions required for sensorless sinusoidal control of permanent magnet synchronous (PMS) motors using DC link current measurements. Analog functions on the IC include differential amplifier, dual sample and hold circuits, and a 12-bit A/D converter to sample the low-voltage signal across the DC link shunt. The IRMCF371 incorporates IR's patented Motion Control Engine (MCETM), an algorithm editor that eliminates coding. An integrated 60 MIPS, 8-bit, 8051 microcontroller enables application layer software development, operating independently from the MCE, and does not compete for system resources such as interrupts or internal registers. The embedded Analog Signal Engine™ (ASE™) integrates all the signal conditioning and conversion circuits required for single current shunt, sensorless control of a PMS motor.

The IRAMS06UP60B is a compact, intelligent power module optimized for electronic motor control in appliance applications that features a three-phase inverter with IC driver in a compact single in-line package (SIP1). The device includes a shutdown function and over-current protection for safe operation. Other built-in functions include current feedback via dedicated internal shunt resistors and a temperature sensing device.

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