Green-Mode FPS FSL206MR Series

By ON Semiconductor 330

Green-Mode FPS FSL206MR Series

ON Semiconductor's FSL206MRx series is designed for high-performance offline SMPS that require minimal external components. The highly integrated PWM controller with avalanche-rugged SenseFET includes an internal regulator, eliminating the need for an auxiliary bias winding, and includes a built-in high-voltage startup and full-protection circuitry which saves board space and total bill of materials (BOM) costs.

Optimized for efficiency and power dissipation with burst-mode operation, the FSL206MRN and FSL206MRL can reach a power loss of 150 mW with no-bias winding and 25 mW with bias winding at no-load condition when the input voltage is 265 VAC. Additionally, the FSL206MRx series is supported by ON Semiconductor's power supply WebDesigner (PSW), an easy-to-use, powerful online design tool that allows designers to further customize and fine-tune their designs without having to build a bench prototype.

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