FS2009USB Portable ISP Programmer

By Equinox Technologies 208

FS2009USB Portable ISP Programmer

Equinox Technologies' FS2009USB is a portable ISP programmer designed for development, field-service, and production programming applications. The programmer is capable of operating in 'Standalone Mode' (without PC). This allows an operator to select from 1 of 64 'Standalone Programming Projects' using the display and keypad. A single 'Autoprogram' key can repetitively program the selected project.

The FS2009USB programmer supports high-speed In-System Programming (ISP) of the on-chip FLASH/EEPROM memory. These FLASH microcontroller devices include 8051, Microchip AVR, NXP 8051, ARM and Zensys microcontrollers. Support for the programming of many 24xxx Serial EEPROM memories via I²C offering Microchip AT91SAM7 support.

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  • Ideal for development, production, or field use
  • Supports ISP of Microchip 8051 FLASH microcontrollers (AT89Sxxx) and Microchip AVR FLASH microcontrollers (ATmega, AT90USB, AT90CAN, AT90S, ATtiny)
  • Supports ISP of NXP (Philips) P89C51Rx2 and P89C66x FLASH microcontrollers
  • Supports ISP of many 24Cxxx Serial EEPROM Memories via the I²C interface (chargeable upgrade)
  • Supports ISP of AT91SAM7 devices (chargeable upgrade)
  • Supports programming via SPI and UART protocols as standard
  • Chargeable upgrade available for programming via JTAG and I²C
  • Supports 'Standalone' operation, i.e. no PC required after programmer has been configured
  • Very fast programming speeds, suitable for high-throughput production environments
  • Up to 64 individual programming projects can be uploaded to the non-volatile on-board FLASH store (4 Mbytes)
  • Robust I/O driver stage
  • Individually configurable programmer I/O pins
  • Programmable frequency generator output on SCK2 pin - supports external clocking of ATmega and ATtiny AVR devices to speed up programming
  • Programmer firmware is field upgradeable to cater to future algorithms
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-approved product


  • Field programming supports up to 64 different customer firmware/product versions
  • Low to medium volume production programming
  • Re-programming of batches in production