LTC6430 IC Amplifier Driver

By Analog Devices Inc 173

LTC6430 IC Amplifier Driver

Linear Technology's LTC6430-15 15 dB amplifier achieves high dynamic range in a 100 Ω differential environment from 20 MHz to over 1 GHz. Two performance grades are available. At 240 MHz, the A-grade OIP3 is typically 50 dBm, fully tested, and guaranteed to a minimum of 47 dBm. Its noise figure is 3 dB, which corresponds to an input-referred amplifier noise of 1 nV/√Hz. DC power consumption is 800 mW. This combination of low noise and low distortion provides wide dynamic range needed for high performance intermediate frequency communications and CATV applications.

The LTC6430-15 is easy to use, unconditionally stable, and the input and output are internally matched to 100 Ω differential. With greater than 2.75 VP-P linear output swing, it is well-suited for driving high speed, high performance ADCs. Two 1:2 baluns, DC blocking capacitors, and RF bias chokes achieve a wideband 50 Ω balanced amplifier in communications applications. With two 1:1.33 baluns, the LTC6430-15 can be used as a high fidelity 75 Ω CATV amplifier. The LTC6430-15 is available in a 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-24 package with exposed pad for best thermal performance and low inductance.

  • 50.0 dBm OIP3 @ 240 MHz into a 100 Ω diff load
  • NF = 3.0 dB @ 240 MHz
  • 20 MHz to 2000 MHz bandwidth 
  • 15.2 dB gain
  • A grade 100% OIP3 tested @ 240 MHz
  • 50 Ω balanced IF amplifier
  • 75 Ω CATV amplifier
  • 700 MHz to 800 MHz LTE amplifier