Badger Kit: SiM3L1xx Evaluation Kit

By Silicon Labs 1152

Badger Kit: SiM3L1xx Evaluation Kit

The "Badger" evaluation board is Silicon Labs' first low cost, application-driven ToolStick for 32-bit designs based on Precision32 L-family MCUs. The Badger Board was designed to provide a compelling, easy-to-use demonstration that highlights Precision32 low-power technology, sparks customer interest, and drives web traffic. The board provides a cost-effective, entry-level, but very capable development system, ideal for hobbyists or customers doing early-stage evaluation/prototyping.

The Badger Board consists of a small PCB in roughly the same form factor as an employee badge (thus the name). The board contains a SiM3L166 MCU, 8-character segmented LCD, photodiode sensor, supercapacitor (i.e. battery), ToolStick Debug MCU, and USB port with USB 5 V power indicator LED. Pre-programmed demonstration firmware provides two modes of operation: Demo mode and Badge mode. Demo mode displays a sequence of necessary active- and sleep-mode power data sheet specifications on the LCD. Badge mode displays a customer-specified text string (e.g. name and phone number) on the LCD.