microSplatch™ Chip Antennas

By Linx Technologies Inc 339

microSplatch™ Chip Antennas

The Linx Technologies microSplatch™ is the first true alternative for those wishing to avoid the high cost, long lead times or limited frequency choices of chip antennas. The microSplatch antenna from Linx Technologies represents a groundbreaking advance in our reflow-compatible planar antennas. Using advanced simulation tools, Linx designed the microSplatch, which offers performance similar to our standard Splatch antenna, but only uses one third of the critical board space. The small size and low cost make the microSplatch an excellent choice for handheld devices such as remote controls and small data transmission systems.

Adding the microSplatch to a design is simple - the only things needed are a footprint for the antenna and associated proximity ground plane. The microSplatch is available in the 403 MHz, 418 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 916 MHz, and 2.4 GHz bands. These antennas are now available in tape and reel or tube packaging.