YB2 Brushed Chrome Pushbuttons

By NKK Switches 331

YB2 Brushed Chrome Pushbuttons

NKK Switches introduces high-quality brushed chrome cap and bezel options for the IP65-rated YB2 series pushbutton switches. Brushed chrome caps and bezels are available for both round and square models. The YB2 series offers the shortest above-panel dimension in the industry.

The switches meet IP65 IEC60529 standards (similar to NEMA 4 and 13), to provide dust-tight and splash-proof panel seal protection. Crisp actuation and clear circuit status provides a snap-action contact mechanism, and an arc barrier protects against crossover. Combination solder lug and .110" quick connect terminals are provided. Terminals are epoxy sealed to lock out flux, dust, solvents, and other contaminants, as well as to secure terminals and improve contact stability. Shortest above-panel dimension (1.8 mm) in the industry creates splashproof design making panel flat and preventing operator error.


  • High-quality brushed chrome cap and bezel options
  • Short .965" (24.5 mm) body conserves behind-panel space
  • Tamper-resistant, 19 mm diameter actuator and 18 mm square actuator
  • Light weight compared to actual metal switches, due to metal plating on resin
  • Distinctive long stroke and light touch actuation for smooth actuation and clear indication of circuit status
  • Choice of cap colors includes clear, red, green, amber, or brushed chrome for enhanced panel appearance
  • Metallic silver cap option has bright ring illumination (round only)
  • Bezel color options in brushed chrome or black
  • Available in momentary and alternate action with latchdown