PUI Audio, Inc.


PUI Audio, Inc.
  • Ultrasonic Receivers, Transmitters, and Benders

    PUI Audio’s ultrasonic sensors are used in distance measuring, fluid flow and fluid-level systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems, or for detecting glass breakage.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 175

  • AMP2X15 Audio Amplifier Board

    PUI Audio's AMP2X15 audio amplifier board features Texas Instruments' TPA3110D2 15 W filter-free Class D stereo amplifier with SpeakerGuard™.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 199

  • AW-10 and AW-15 Sirens

    PUI Audio, Inc. offers a unique selection of sirens for any audible application. The sirens allow users to have design flexibility and change tones after design stages are complete.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 269

  • SMT-0440 Series 4 x 4 x 2 mm Surface-Mount Transdu

    PUI Audio pushes the envelope of audio transducer design by shaving the size of their already small SMT-0540 transducers down 20% with their new SMT-0440 series surface-mount transducers, adding s

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 153

  • Microphones with 100 mm Leads

    PUI Audio’s line of microphones with 100 mm leads help to make product prototyping, PCB design and layout, and assembly tremendously faster than ever before.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 590

  • AS01508/AS01808 Series Micro Speakers

    PUI Audio’s slim-line micro speakers are purpose-built for space-limited, modern electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as wearable technology and IoT devices, such as Wi-F

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 180

  • SMT-09 Series Surface-Mount Transducers

    PUI Audio’s SMT-09 series surface-mount transducers are purpose-built for today’s modern mobile devices.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 175

  • Mini Consumer Audio Speakers

    PUI Audio’s AS03208MS-3-R packs a punch despite its 32 x 32 x 16.5 mm size. A 3 W nominal, 4 W max power handling and great sensitivity combine to make for a small speaker that can output as much

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 228

  • Audio Kits for Design Solutions

    PUI Audio offers kits that cover a wide range of audio applications.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 188

  • Audio Sound eXciters

    PUI’s audio sound eXciters transform nearly anything into an audio generating device without the challenges of speakers and are driven just like a speaker.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 200

  • Full-Range, Point-Source Speakers

    PUI Audio’s full-range, point-source speakers are designed for audio applications where maximum output and high resolution response are required.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 182

  • Piezoelectric MEMS Microphone

    PUI Audio's piezoelectric MEMS microphone is suitable for voice user interface, IoT products, wearables, smartphones, and smart home devices.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 250

  • Sound eXciters Speakers

    PUI Audio’s large, high-output sound eXciters are designed for applications that demand loud sound with high fidelity, while remaining completely hidden.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 237

  • Wake-On Sound Piezoelectric MEMS Microphone

    PUI Audio, with Vesper’s exclusive technology, presents the world’s first ZeroPower Listening™ piezoelectric MEMS microphone designed for ultra-low power always listening solutions; delivering voi

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 177

  • HD Series Microphones

    PUI Audio's HD series microphones feature GSM buzz-blocking capacitors and true 20 Hz to 20 kHz performance.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 207

  • Mobile Series Speakers and Receivers

    PUI Audio's mobile series of speakers and receivers designed for high-fidelity audio reproduction with the lowest profile possible.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 530

  • AS08304CR-R/AS0308CR-R/AS06606SR-R High Fidelity S

    PUI Audio's AS08304CR-R, AS08308CR-R, and AS06606SR-R high fidelity speakers offer a broad range of features beneficial to today's market.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 214

  • Copperhead Series Speakers

    PUI Audio's specialized alloy cones pair with optimized high-energy motors to achieve superior frequency response and output with minimal harmonic distortion.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 229

  • Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™)-Ready Speakers

    PUI Audio's ASE02506MS-LW90-DSM-R Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™)-ready speaker increases loudness (SPL) and bass response safety.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 263

  • Subwoofer Exciters

    PUI Audio’s silent subwoofer exciters deliver bass, without much space, and with nearly none of the sound.

    By PUI Audio, Inc. 535