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AVX Corporation
  • MLO Diplexer

    AVX's MLO diplexer, based on AVX's patented multilayer organic technology, offers increased reliability over silicon and ceramic devices.

    By AVX Corporation 598

  • Accu-Guard® II Low Current Series

    AVX's Accu-Guard® II low-current series of miniature 0603 fuses utilize thin-film and LGA technologies and are UL E141069 approved.

    By AVX Corporation 250

  • Accu-Guard® Series Fuses

    AVX's Accu-Guard® II low-current fuses in a 0402 package include 200 mA, 150 mA, 100 mA, 62.5 mA, and 50 mA versions.

    By AVX Corporation 162

  • Mini CAN BUS Varistor

    AVX's mini, 0402 CAN bus varistor, a ZnO-based ceramic semiconductor device, is AEC Q200 qualified and features EMI/RFI attenuation in off-state.

    By AVX Corporation 163

  • TVS Diodes

    AVX's SMA, SMB, and SMC series of TVS diodes feature a working voltage range of 5 to 400 V in a low-profile package.

    By AVX Corporation 138

  • Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode

    AVX's Schottky barrier rectifier diodes feature lead-less chip form, low Vf, high current capability, and are halogen-free.

    By AVX Corporation 137

  • Schottky Diodes

    AVX's Schottky diodes feature high current density in a low-profile package with low Vf and top-bottom symmetry for easier mounting.

    By AVX Corporation 119

  • High-Temperature Multi-Layer Varistors

    AVX's high-temperature, multi-layer varistors are rated at 150°C and feature EMI/RFI attenuation in off state.

    By AVX Corporation 178

  • Low Current 0402 LGA Fuses

    AVX's low-current LGA fuses with LGA terminations are available in 100 mA and 150 mA ratings in a miniature 0402 package.

    By AVX Corporation 144

  • 85 VDC TransGuard® TVS

    AVX's 85 VDC TransGuard® TVS provides bi-directional transient voltage protection in the on-state and excellent EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state.

    By AVX Corporation 230

  • 0402 Thin Film Inductors

    AVX's 0402 thin film inductors, in LGA packaging, offer high Q and tight tolerances with high-current handling capability.

    By AVX Corporation 174

  • TransFeed™ Varistors

    AVX's TransFeed™ varistors provide wider and deeper filtering response compared to standard MLV and offers the fastest response time to ESD (< 0.2 ns).

    By AVX Corporation 165

  • GiGuard ESD Protection Diodes

    AVX bidirectional, leadless transient voltage suppressor diodes provide ESD protection for high-speed communication and data lines.

    By AVX Corporation 558

  • AP Series Antenna PowerGuard Multilayer Varistors

    AVX Antenna PowerGuard AP series of advanced varistor products are the ultra low capacitance extension of the very popular AG series AntennaGuard.

    By AVX Corporation 105

  • LG Low Inductance LGA Capacitors

    AVX's low-inductance LGA capacitors virtually have the equivalent high-frequency performance of 8-terminal IDCs in a 2-terminal package.

    By AVX Corporation 256

  • GL Series Ultra-Broadband Inductor

    AVX's GL series provides performance up through 40+ Ghz and also provides ultra-low insertion loss, excellent return loss, and extreme part-to-part performance.

    By AVX Corporation 219

  • MLO Organic Inductor

    AVX's MLO, low-profile, organic-based inductors feature high Q, high SRF, and can support frequencies well above 1 GHz.

    By AVX Corporation 311

  • High-Capacitance PulseCap™ Capacitors

    AVX's TLN PulseCap series of high-capacitance, low-profile tantalum capacitors feature an undertab termination style.

    By AVX Corporation 198

  • TPS Capacitors

    AVX's TPS series of low-ESR tantalum capacitors has a maximum direct leakage current of 19.8 μA and a maximum dissipation factor at 120 Hz of 12%.

    By AVX Corporation 255

  • CU Series RF Capacitors

    AVX's CU series of ultra-low ESR/copper electrode RF capacitors are available in EIA size 01005 and feature a temperature range of -55° to 125°C.

    By AVX Corporation 267