• NTCS Series Thermistors

    Vishay thermistors deliver high sensitivity and accuracy over a wide temperature range, and are ideal for a number of applications.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 163

  • NTCALUG02 Low-Thermal-Gradient Lug-Mount NTC Therm

    Vishay BC Components' NTCALUG02 series of low-thermal-gradient lug temperature sensors is suitable for surface-temperature sensing applications.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 83

  • NTCALUG01 Standard Lug-Mount NTC Thermistor Sensor

    The NTCALUG01 series from Vishay BC Components is suitable for surface-temperature sensing applications, especially when a good electrical insulation and thermal contact with the surface is requir

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 120

  • PTCSL03 Series PTC Thermistor

    Vishay's PTC sensing thermistors consist of a doped barium titanate ceramic with copper clad steel wires lead (Pb)-free soldered to the Ag metalized pellet.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 121

  • NTCLE213 Series Temperature Sensor

    Vishay's NTCLE213 series of radial leaded mini temperature sensors are built on advanced NTC thermistor technology offering accurate temperature sensing over a wide temperature range.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 129

  • NTCC Series NTC Thermistor Die

    Vishay’s NTCC series of leadless NTC thermistor die have top and bottom contacts of either silver or gold metallization making them ideal for wire bonding applications.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 100

  • NTCS SMT Series of Enhanced-Stability, SMD Thermis

    Vishay BC Components' NTCS series SMT enhanced stability SMD thermistor delivers high-sensitivity, high-accuracy, and most importantly offers enhanced stability over a wide temperature range.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 113

  • NTCALUG01T Lug Temperature Sensor

    Vishay's NTCALUG01T series of high stability lug temperature sensors is suitable for surface temperature sensing applications.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 119

  • MLV Series SMD Multilayer Varistors

    Vishay's MLV series varistors typical applications are on-board protection of ICs and transistors, data lines and I/O ports, modems, and LCDs.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 113

  • 104 PHL-ST Series Capacitors

    Vishay capacitors are screw terminal power aluminum with a lifetime of over 5,000 hours and have a high-rated ripple current.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 208

  • 140 CRH and 150 CRZ Series Aluminum Capacitors

    Vishay capacitors are polarized aluminum electrolytic, non-solid electrolyte, and self-heating, making them useful for a number of industrial applications.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 166

  • Professional Thin Film Leaded Resistors

    Vishay professional thin film leaded resistors are general purpose resistors for applications with a concern for reliability and stability.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 120

  • AY2 Series Capacitors

    Vishay new series of Y2 rated safety capacitors comply with new safety standards, are high quality, and are highly reliable.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 144

  • 196HVC ENYCAP Aluminum Capacitors

    Vishay introduces the 196HVC ENYCAP series of hybrid energy storage systems.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 108

  • Sample and Design Kits

    Vishay offers its sample and design starter kits containing capacitors, resistors, and sensor starter kits to make the designer's component selection easier.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 142

  • HOTcap® Series MLCC Chips

    Vishay’s HOTcap® series of radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors is the first to feature a maximum operating temperature of +175°C for automotive applications.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 447

  • ENYCAP™ Double-Layer Energy Storage Capacitors

    Vishay BC Components' ENYCAP electrical double-layer energy storage capacitors deliver high power density and capacitance values in small case sizes for energy harvesting, power backup, and UP

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 103

  • 225 EDLC-R ENYCAP™ Series Capacitors

    Vishay BC Components' 225 EDLC-R ENYCAP™ series electrical double-layer energy storage capacitors have a voltage rating of 2.7 V.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 89

  • 715 Series Ceramic Screw Mounting Disc Capacitors

    Vishay BC Components' 715 series capacitors are specifically designed to function in circuits with high peak current and high repetition rates.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 83

  • HVCC Series: High-Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Radia

    Vishay's HVCC series capacitors eliminate the need to utilize two 1 nF capacitors in parallel to reach values of 2 nF.

    By Vishay/BCcomponents 129