Panel Mount Encoders

By CUI Inc 283

Panel Mount Encoders

ACZ and C14 series encoders from CUI, Inc. are designed to provide an accurate and inexpensive method for user input across a wide range of applications.

The ACZ family of mechanical encoders includes vertical and right angle models; 11 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm package sizes; and a number of shaft and bushing configurations. Also included in the offering are a range of resolutions, detent options, and pin configurations to allow for convenient integration with many designs. These encoders are economical and represent a true cost advantage in control applications.

The C14 series of panel mount optical encoders is designed to offer users maximum flexibility. The combination of accuracy, durability, reliability, compact footprint, and a true 2-bit output sets this series apart. Available with an optional seal for IP65 rating, the C14 can be configured to meet a designer's exacting requirements for shaft shape and size, rotational "feel," and mounting configuration. Additionally, the rugged metal body and shaft ensure the C14 can stand up to the most challenging applications.

  • Defense and aerospace
  • Infrastructure control
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical
  • Research and science
  • Building and facilities
  • Light and sound
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Rescue and security
  • Consumer products
  • Entertainment
  • Material handling