ADM00375 Evaluation Board

By Microchip Technology 219

ADM00375 Evaluation Board

Microchip's MCP6H04 evaluation board is intended to support an instrumentation amplifier (INA) and demonstrate the capability of the MCP6H04 operational amplifier. The MCP6H04 evaluation board uses a quad op amp in difference amplifier configuration with input buffers and voltage reference. Instrumentation amplifiers are used where great accuracy and stability of the circuit both short and long term are required. The kit includes the MCP6H04 evaluation board, information sheet, and accessories bag containing loose parts for populating sockets on the board, such as resistors and capacitors.

  • Supports MCP6H04 Microchip quad op amp
  • Test points for connection to lab equipment
  • Single supply configuration 16 V maximum
  • This can be used for signal acquisition from sensors
  • Over-current protection
  • Battery life indicators
  • Motor speed controls and overload protection
  • Ground fault detectors

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