AIF 300 Vin DC-DC Series Converters

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies/Norvell Electronics 200

AIF 300 Vin DC-DC Series Converters

Artesyn's single output AIF is an isolated, single output DC to DC converter module, providing up to 600 W output with a maximum baseplate operating temperature of 100°C with no derating. The AIF features full safety isolated low voltage secondary side control and Astec Linear Programming (ALP™) through I²C bus for convenient adjustment of the module's parameters.

  • 600 W continuous power at 100°C baseplate temperature
  • 108 W/in³ (6.6 W/cm³)
  • High efficiency: 5 V at 90%, 12 V at 87%
  • Low output ripple and noise
  • Positive and negative enable function
  • Excellent transient response
  • Paralleable with accurate current sharing
  • Switching frequency 400 KHz