Electrostatic Discharge Product Line

By SCS 236

Electrostatic Discharge Product Line

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) costs the electronics industry millions of dollars annually in damaged and degraded parts. So what is ESD? ESD is the contact and separation of materials that creates a static charge. An example of a common electrostatic event occurs when a charged individual discharges to a doorknob.

SCS has long been a leader in providing static control solutions to companies around the world. Now, with the recent acquisitions of Credence Technologies and Static Control Components, SCS offers an even more comprehensive line of products and solutions for ESD, EMI, and EMC management.

Eliminating the damage caused by static electricity, EMI and micro-contaminants requires a complete static control program. SCS provides a full range of packaging, workstation, and instrumentation product solutions and helps electronic products manufacturers develop and maintain complete ESD control programs. Product Guide

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