H/I-Series Toggle Switches

By Carling Technologies 315

H/I-Series Toggle Switches

Carling Technologies general purpose workhorse switches feature options tailored to meet most any need. Ratings to 17 A 125 VAC, various actuator, bushing, termination, and circuit choices allow this toggle to easily integrate into a variety of different applications.

The H/I-Series has a storied history in the food service, generator, industrial control, and office automation markets and are appropriate for usage in low voltage DC applications as well.

  • Dielectric Strength: UL/CSA: 1000V-live to dead metal parts
  • Electrical Life: 50,000 cycles- maintained, 25,000 cycles- momentary
  • Mechanical Life: 100,000 cycles
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 185°F (0°C to 85°C)

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