Multi-Layer High-Q SMD Capacitors

By Johanson Technology Inc 326

Multi-Layer High-Q SMD Capacitors

Johanson Technology's multi-layer ceramic capacitors offer of the lowest ESR and highest Q ratings in their class. This means these parts are lower loss, create lower heat dissipation, and decreased battery drain. A variety of different capacitance combinations are available in designer sample kits. For best capacitor selection, including size and value, MLCSoft® is offered, which is a capacitor simulation selection software with full measured s-parameter generation. Also, simulation models are available in ADS, AWR. Eagleware, and Modelithics libraries.


  • The S-Series (R07S, R14S, R15S) capacitors give an ultra-high Q performance and exhibit NP0 temperature characteristics.
  • The L-Series (R05L) capacitors give mid-high Q performance and exhibit NP0 temperature characteristics.
  • The Silver Series (S42E) capacitors give excellent high-Q performance from HF to microwave frequencies. Typical uses are high voltage, high current applications. They are offered in chip (Ni barrier or non-magnetic Pt.-Ag) or in non-magnetic leaded form.
  • RoHS compliance is standard for all unleaded parts.


  • High frequency communications
  • Portable wireless products
  • Battery powered products