RTD Series

By Littelfuse Inc 214

RTD Series

U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse’s thin film platinum “PPG” RTD temperature sensors offer the customer a broad selection of precision sensors. Some are capable of operating at temperatures as low as -200°C and as high as 1,000°C. Standard resistance values of 100Ω, 500Ω and 1,000Ω are available. Selected special resistance values are available upon request. The excellent long term stability, linearity and interchangeability of RTDs coupled with their extended temperature capabilities make them a popular choice for a wide variety of applications including Industrial, HVACR and Aerospace applications.

  • Virtually linear relationship between temperature and resistance
  • High accuracy (resistance tolerance DIN 43760 classes A, B and C available)
  • High reliability
  • Glass coated platinum element
  • Excellent stability & repeatability