SAM3U Series Microcontroller

By Microchip Technology 238

SAM3U Series Microcontroller

With today's exponential growth in data rates, system designers demand solutions capable of moving more data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Microchip's Arm Cortex-M3 based SAM3U delivers high-speed interfaces combined with an innovative high data bandwidth architecture that make it the ideal device for applications with intensive communication requirements.

The 96 MHz SAM3U integrates multiple high-speed peripherals, including an on-chip high-speed USB device and Phy at 480 Mbps. A combination of a 5-layer system bus matrix, 23 DMA channels and distributed memory prevents bottlenecks with minimum processor overhead. With sophisticated power management techniques and an operating voltage down to 1.62 V, the SAM3U maximizes battery usage and provides true 1.8 V operation. The SAM3U is available in Flash memory densities of 64 K, 128 K, and 256 Kbytes with 100- and 144-pin QFP and BGA package options.


  • High-Speed Bridging
    • The SAM3U is designed to sustain 100+ Mpbs data rates between multiple high-speed peripherals, including HS USB 2.0, SDIO/SDCard 2.0, MMC 4.3, external bus interface, and SPI.
  • Data Speedway
    • To exploit the SAM3U's high-speed communications peripherals fully, the device is built around a high data-bandwidth architecture that enables one to run tasks in parallel and ensures uninterrupted internal and external data flows with minimum processor overhead. The device can be put in backup mode with the core and peripherals powered down, in which power consumption is only 2.5 μA.
  • Low Power Consumption
    • The SAM3U incorporates power management techniques that minimize power consumption under all conditions of use, whether in active mode or low-power modes.
  • SAM3U Ecosystem
    • Microchip's SAM3U Flash MCU is supported by a rapidly growing number of development tools, real-time operating systems (RTOS), middleware products and technical support services from industry-leading third parties. Microchip provides a dedicated software package for the SAM3U with register descriptions and device drivers for all peripherals, along with project examples that ease the use of the microcontroller.

SAM3U Series Diagram