T8 Demonstration Kit for ML-E Series

By Cree Inc 278

T8 Demonstration Kit for ML-E Series

This kit was designed to demonstrate the effective light output of Cree's 1/2 W ML-E Product in a T8 tube application. Cree's ML-E series, which yields superior lumen output and color rendering, was targeted to help designers of linear light fixtures immediately see the Cree product perform in their applications. Configured in this T8 tube, it allows the designer to compare easily with their current light source. This kit comes complete with a dimming function so designers will be able to demonstrate the multiple light levels of LEDs in their lighting application.

In addition to the dimming features of this lighting kit, Marktech has produced the tube with two different distances of LED to LED spacing and two types of light diffusers showing the design flexibility that LEDs offer to designers of traditional light fixtures.

  • 15 inch tube
  • Similar diameter to standard T8
  • Dimming function
  • 4000 degrees Kelvin
  • Light output of 630 and 470 lumens per foot depending on diffuser

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