Flexible Brushless DC Motor Drive Solution

Flexible Brushless DC Motor Drive Solution

Texas Instruments' brushless DC motor drive solution provides programmable processing for multiple BLDC motor applications, coupled with 100 V MOSFET drivers for advanced control of high torque motors. Together, the LM5101B 100 V MOSFET driver, LM3S8971 Stellaris® integrated motor control/driver, AMC1200 isolation amplifier, and DRV8312 three phase brushless DC motor driver allow for implementation in numerous consumer and industrial applications.

  • 48 V and 96 V based eBike and light electric vehicles applications
    • Longer range and greater torque
  • Single and three phase motors, sensor and sensor-less applications
    • Programmable processor accommodates many motor configurations
  • Configurable digital engine allows for new levels of performance and system flexibility
    • Different drive profiles, i.e., range vs. acceleration vs. torque can be implemented for any given application

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