PIC18F13K50 / 14K50 USB Flash MCUs

By Microchip Technology 659

PIC18F13K50 / 14K50 USB Flash MCUs

Microchip's PIC18F13K50 / PIC18F14K50 brings advanced features and exceptional value to the embedded USB market. This low cost PIC® microcontroller features a full-speed USB-2.0-compliant interface that can automatically change clock sources and power levels upon connection to a host, making it an exceptional device for battery-powered applications. The addition of mTouch™ touch sensing compatibility, a 10-bit ADC, motor control PWMs, and a host of serial interfaces make the PIC18F13K50 / 14K50 the perfect devices to add USB to any application.

  • C compiler-optimized architecture
  • Self-programmable under software control
  • Support for interrupt priority levels
  • 8 x 8 single-cycle hardware multiplier
  • Enhanced capture / compare / PWM module with PWM steering
  • USB 2.0-compliant interface
  • Supports both low speed and full speed operation
  • Supports control, interrupt, isochronous and bulk transfer
  • Up to 16 endpoints (or up to 8 bi-directional)
  • Automatic detection of physical connection to USB host

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