TSL4531 Digital Ambient Light Sensor

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TSL4531 Digital Ambient Light Sensor

The ams TSL4531 family of devices provides ambient light sensing (ALS) that approximates human eye response under a variety of lighting conditions. The devices have three selectable integration times and provide a direct 16-bit lux output via an I²C bus interface. The wide dynamic range of the ALS makes it particularly useful in outdoor applications where it is exposed to direct sunlight. The device is ideal for use in automatic control of street lights and security, billboards, and automotive lighting. The TSL4531 devices can also be used in solid-state lighting (SSL) and general lighting for automatic control and daylight harvesting to maximize energy conservation. Other applications include display backlight control to extend battery life and optimize visibility in cell phones, tablets, and notebooks.

Intelligent Ambient Light sensors provide the next level of energy conservation in general lighting by harvesting natural daylight. Unlike analog ambient light sensors that can integrate into fluorescent lighting, digital ambient light sensors integrate with LEDs to provide an additional 30% energy savings, on top of the 50% reduction in energy provided by LED bulbs. Intelligent ambient light sensors transform LED general lighting into sensor-driven lighting management.

Features and Benefits
  • Approximates human eye response in diverse lighting conditions
  • Three user-selectable integration times (400 ms, 200 ms, and 100 ms)
  • Low active current (110 μA typical) with power down mode (2.2 μA typical) enables green products
  • Simple direct lux output
  • Wide dynamic range – 3 lux to 220 k lux
  • Rejects 50 Hz/ 60 Hz lighting ripple
    • Ultra-small 2 mm x 2 mm ChipLED package
    • 2.5 V supply voltage with 1.8 V logic interface
    • 16-bit digital output with I²C compatibility

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