ZLJ Series Capacitors

By Rubycon 249

ZLJ Series Capacitors

Rubycon's ZLJ series is a collection of low-impedance capacitors that was developed for use in various power supply units and inverters requiring low-impedance, high-ripple, and miniaturization, and for output of LED lighting applications requiring ultra-long life property. By employing newly developed electrolytes with high-ripple long-life property, and low-density separator paper, the device achieves a maximum of 1.3 times Ripple Current capability and maintains the same life-time as conventional ZLH series (105°C miniaturized long-life low-impedance capacitors).

In comparison with the ZLH series under the same Ripple Current specification, the ZLJ series provides one rank smaller size with the same voltage and capacitance values, providing the advantage of further downsizing your applications. The ZLJ series offers a wide voltage range from 6.3 V to 100 V with a variety of size options.