216SP Series 5 x 20 mm Single Pigtail Fuse

By Littelfuse Inc 541

216SP Series 5 x 20 mm Single Pigtail Fuse

The 216SP Series fuse from Littelfuse is a ceramic body, fast-acting single cap fuse. The 216SP series fuse comes in a wide operating range with current ratings from 1 A to 10 A. The breaking capability of the 216SP series is consistent with the existing 216 series, which is capable of interrupting 1500 A at 250 VAC. They are 100 percent lead-free and compliant with RoHS requirements. The 216SP series has various IEC and UL agency approvals.


  • Designed to International (IEC) Standards for use globally
  • Meets the IEC 60127-2, Sheet 1 specification for Fast-Acting fuses
  • RoHS compliant and Pb-free


  • Used as supplementary protection in appliance or utilization equipment to provide individual protection for components or internal circuits