Magnetic Jacks

By EDAC Inc 283

Magnetic Jacks

EDAC's magnetic jacks are integrated connectors that combine network magnetics with RJ45 modular jack connectors. Magnetic Jacks combine connectivity with signal conditioning, electro-magnetic interference suppression and signal isolation. Separate and discrete magnetic components mounted on the PCB board performed these parameters previously.

Available as single or stacked multi-port options they are used in data, telecom, networking, and home entertainment markets for applications such as servers, hubs, routers, printers, computers, set top boxes, and digital TVs.


  • Integrated magnetics provides signal integrity, DC isolation and protection for PHY chip
  • Spring fingers on shells guarantee advanced EMI/RFI suppression
  • LED options available visual indication of port status and activity information for user
  • Tab Up or Down options complete design for board and unit compatibility
  • Integrated design reduces component inventory and process costs