SAM4L Series Microcontrollers

By Microchip Technology 236

SAM4L Series Microcontrollers

Microchip’s SAM4L series of microcontrollers (MCUs) redefine the power benchmark for Cortex-M4 processor-based devices, delivering the lowest power in active mode (down to 90 µA/MHz), as well as sleep mode with full RAM retention (1.5 µA) with the shortest wake-up time (down to 1.5 µs). Embedding Microchip picoPower® technology, the SAM4L family provides highly efficient signal processing, ease of use, and high-speed communication peripherals, ideal for power-sensitive designs in consumer, industrial, healthcare, and IoT application areas.

These products are compatible with Microchip advance software framework which includes Atmel Studio and Atmel START.  This software framework provides a large collection of embedded software for Atmel® Flash microcontrollers including megaAVR®, AVR XMEGA®, AVR UC3 and SAM devices which simplifies the usage of microcontrollers, providing an abstraction to the hardware and high-value middleware. The Microchip 32-bit software framework also includes a graphical user interface or can be a standalone for GCC or IAR compilers.


  • Microchip picoPower technology - ensures that devices are developed from the ground up for the lowest power consumption possible, enabling long battery life
  • Microchip QTouch® capacitive touch support - includes hardware integrated capacitive touch module based on QTouch® technology for fast development of touch and proximity functionality with ultra-low power consumption
  • Highly efficient signal processing - thanks to the Cortex-M4 architecture, the SAM4L microcontrollers feature extended single-cycle multiply-accumulate instructions, optimized SIMD arithmetic and saturating arithmetic instructions for highly efficient signal processing
  • Ease-of-use - its ecosystem of software tools and support for Microchip Studio 6 integrated development environment enables an efficient design process and reduces time to market
  • Cortex-M4 microcontroller at 48 MHz
  • Lowest power consumption in active and sleep modes
  • 128 KB to 512 KB embedded Flash
  • Hardware capacitive touch module supported by Microchip QTouch® technology
  • Up to 4x40 segment LCD controller (SAM4LC products only)